Startup Lingo – Welcome to the Zoo: An Overview of Animal Metaphors used by the Industry to Depict Various Startups
December 19, 2022

It cannot be denied that the number of Startups have grown throughout the years. More and more individuals are seeing the value and potential of investing not only their financial resources into the development of a Startup, but also their time, knowledge, and attention.  Naturally, as more Startups are seen within the market, more trends […]

Startup Lingo: Bootstrapping
October 19, 2022

Startups that rely either on the founder’s personal financial assets or the company’s operating revenues are said to be bootstrapping. Investopedia says that bootstrapped startups rely on financial resources like personal savings, sweat equity, lean operations, quick inventory turnover, and a cash runway to keep their companies afloat and eventually become successful. 

Stream the Startup Podcast PH on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts – New Uploads every Wednesday, 7 PM
July 13, 2022

Startup Podcast PH is a free podcast series available on popular streaming platforms like Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Listeners are invited to get to know various Filipino Startups and their founders through the podcast’s 25-minute episodes. 

Startup Lingo: 3Fs in Startup Funding
June 28, 2022

One known form of support in very early-stage startups are the “3Fs” known as Family, Friends, and Fools. This group of people are likely to invest on possible multi-million dollar ideas due to love (Family), relationships and shared interests (Friends), and passion and usually, lack of technical knowledge (Fools). 

Startup Lingo: Unicorn
May 26, 2022

First coined by Venture Capitalist Aileen Lee, the term Unicorn refers to a privately-owned startup company that is valued at at least USD 1 Billion.