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  • PSDP and Startup: Frequently Asked Questions
    Know more about Startups and the Philippine Startup Development Program!
  • SBOSS: Frequently Asked Questions
    SBOSS, or the Startup Business One-Stop Shop, is a venue to facilitate end-to-end registration of startups. It shall serve as a platform containing all information on the legal and regulatory processes involved from opening, operating, to closing or exiting a startup. 
  • QC LGU Launches Startup QC
    Highlighting the need to support startups to increase Business Friendliness, The Quezon City Government, through its new program, Startup QC, brought together various stakeholders of the Startup Ecosystem at the Quezon City City Hall last October 28, Friday, to host its grand launch.
  • Startup Lingo: Bootstrapping
    Startups that rely either on the founder’s personal financial assets or the company’s operating revenues are said to be bootstrapping. Investopedia says that bootstrapped startups rely on financial resources like personal savings, sweat equity, lean operations, quick inventory turnover, and a cash runway to keep their companies afloat and eventually become successful.