PSDP and Startup: Frequently Asked Questions
November 23, 2022

Know more about Startups and the Philippine Startup Development Program!

SBOSS: Frequently Asked Questions

SBOSS, or the Startup Business One-Stop Shop, is a venue to facilitate end-to-end registration of startups. It shall serve as a platform containing all information on the legal and regulatory processes involved from opening, operating, to closing or exiting a startup.ย 

SMART (Strategic MSMLE & Startup) Link: Startup and SME Survey of the DTI & 500 Startups

MSMEs and startups will be matched through various mechanisms, including online meetings, direct referral, or endorsements…

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DOST PCIEERD’s Startup Research Grant Program

As a response to the demand for quick and rapid solutions adapting to the โ€œNew Normalโ€…

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Technology Business Incubator

A research grant dedicated to prototype development, design improvement, testing and market validation…

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Created to provide support to highly impactful Philippine startup companies…

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Funding Assistance for Spin-off and Translation of Research in Advancing Commercialization (FASTRAC) Program

A funding program established to bridge the gap between R&D and commercialization of PCIEERD-funded technologies…

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Higher Education Institution Readiness for Innovation and Technopreneurship (HEIRIT) Program

HEIRIT Program is a preparatory program for universities to establish technology business incubator…

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